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Shining Force III Walkthrough - Scenario 1 -

BirdmanBird BattlerScenario 3
Initial Stats
Initial Equipment
Metal WingBroad Sword
Medical Herb
Equippable Weapons
Wing, Sword, Rapier
Magic Resistance
BP = Before Promotion|AP= After Promotion
Friendship Support - Evade

Eldar - Tactics

General Tactics

When Eldar joins the force she is pitifully weak with awful defence and attack statistics making her easy prey for the enemies. Stick with her though and she will transform into a highly useful member of the force as she is the only character in the force, besides Fynnding, that can fly. Don't let Eldar stray too far from the main force and keep her far away from enemy archers who will make mincemeat out of her. Eldar also proves useful, as some of the items in battles are only accessible by her.

Magic and Magic Resistance

Eldar has no magic and poor magic resistance, especially her wind resistance which is absolutely terrible. Unfortunately, the only way to remedy this is through a Resist spell so keep Eldar far away from any Hell Blast (Tornado) users when not under the protection of Resist.

Weapons and Equipment

Equip the sword that Eldar carries in her first battle so that she can do some damage but don't neglect the wing as it will boost her defence and, with a little training, will become just as powerful as the sword. The Zero Wing, which is the most powerful wing outside of scenario 3 orifalcon weapons, is only available in scenario 1 (and later scenario 3) so take the opportunity to use this weapon - which incidentally only Eldar can retrieve in battle #24.

Once Eldar has been promoted and you have a White Ring equip her with it as it boosts defence more than any other accessory in the game, by a chunky 10. This will sort out Eldar's problems with defence and will allow you to level her up with ease.