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Shining Force III Walkthrough - Scenario 1 -

Welcome to Jumesyn's guide to Shining Force III Scenario 1. In this section of the site is a complete walkthrough to the first scenario including information on all the characters and a detailed monster list. For more information about how to use this walkthrough click on the about link below.

How to use this guide
Chapter 1
Nightmare in the Floating City of Saraband
Information about Synbios' force
Chapter 2
Cross-Continental Railway
Thief Maps
How to loot the ruins
Chapter 3
Target: Guardian Statue of Elbesem
Hero's Test
The Ancient Sanctuary
Chapter 4
Revolt in the Republic of Aspia
Monster List
Data on all the monsters
Chapter 5
Tower Ruins of Lookover
 Chapter 6
Colossus of Aspia