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Shining Force III Guide
About the guide

Ever since I first finished Shining Force III in its entirety I wanted to make a site about the game as playing the game and building websites were two things I was sure I had some skill in. Since then it has taken nearly a year to get all the information required together and to build the site; a steady and slow progress. Since I started this site, the content has grown much larger than I had at first anticipated and so the guide part of the site had to be split into various sections to make it easier to navigate. This page basically sums up all the different sections of the site and tells you where you can find what you want, as well as containing a list of sources I've used during the creation of the guide.

How is the guide organised?

The guide is split up into four different sections. The first section, the main guide, contains information pertaining to all three scenarios of Shining Force III such as weapons, skills and friendships data. After this, the guide has been further broken down into sections about each individual scenario so that each walkthrough can be used independantly of one another - if you only have scenario 1 then the scenario 1 walkthrough is the only walkthrough you'll need to use and the other two walkthroughs don't interfere with it aside from synchronicity information.

Different weapon and item names

Some of the names of weapons and accessories appear differently in this guide to how they appear in the english translation of scenario 1. This is because they have been translated from the japanese version differently to the translations in scenario 1. Without trying to sound arrogant, the translations on this site are more correct than the ones in scenario 1 as several of the translated names bear no relevance to their original names in scenario 1. Therefore, in the main guide and in the scenario 2 and 3 guides the original names are used but in the scenario 1 guide the names translated by SoA have been used.

What is synchronicity?

Shining Force III utilises a system named the synchronicity system. This system allows various events in earlier scenarios to affect events in the later scenarios (for example if Garosh dies in scenario 1 then he won't join the force in scenario 2 and Jade will join instead). In the walkthrough the various synchronicity points are outlined and are explained. If you only own one of the scenarios then the synchronicity points are mostly irrelevant to you and can be ignored.


Most of the information in the guide is from my own notes (~100 pages) but some of the information has also been gathered from the following sources:

Scenario 1, 2 and 3 Perfect Navi guides: Information on weapon properties, attack and magic classes in the weapons guide. Data on elements of specials in the specials guide. Character proficieny in the magic guide and base power of each of the magic spells. Data on how Evade support works at the different levels of friendship. Each of the individual magic, weapon and item pictures were scanned from the scenario 3 Perfect Navi guide.
Scenario 1, 2 and 3 Official guides: Scans of the hero's test and thief maps.
Softbank Official Artbook: Each of the individual character portraits and battle sprites were scanned from this book with the exception of the 2nd class scenario 3 character portraits (the ones you see on this page) which were taken from Camelot's homepage (from the Shining Force III voice samples section) and resized to 64x64 pixels. Because of the long time it took to scan all these images I would appreciate if you e-mail me first for permission before taking them and using them on your site.


Just about all the work put into this guide was done by shinsachiel but various people helped when it came to the translation of various aspects of the game.

Casenor - Casenor translated all the weapons, skills and enemy names that were written in kanji in the games, and helped me with many of those that were written in katakana.
Aspartate - The names of the scenario 3 battles were translated (from scenario 3) by Aspartate. Aspartate also gave various help to the guide, such as checking over, and correcting, the translations of the specials' and weapons' names.
Landius - The character classes were translated by Landius (note - the Japanese character classes are used in preference to their SoA scenario 1 counterparts).

Permission for all these translations has been given to by all the above contributers.

Using the information on this site

If you wish to use the information on this site for your own site then please first e-mail shinsachiel and remember to quote where you got the information from (quoting this site and giving a link back or quoting one of the sources above if the information in question was obtained from them).


Ideally, all the information on this site should be correct, but we all make mistakes. If you spot anything that you believe is incorrect, or any typoes, it would be greatly appreciated if you could notify me of them by