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Shining Force III Guide
Weapons Guide

This is a list of all the weapons available across the three scenarios of Shining Force III.

Because some weapons are only available in certain situations they have been colour coded. Weapons appearing with their names in black are available to buy in the shops, those with their names in orange are weapons that can be crafted from mithril (although some can also be found in the field and from haggling storekeepers, also the later shops in scenario 3 offer mithril weapons for purchasing), those with their names in purple can only be made by a smithy from Dark Matter, those with their names in blue are only available by making weapons out of the blue material, Orifalcon - in scenario 3 - and those with their names in red can only be found, and not bought (discounting haggles).

S Walch's Mithril Method
Forum-user and Shining Force III aficionado S Walch has let us post his Mithril Theory on this site. The idea is that you can judge which weapon the smithy will make for you based on timing his arm-swings in the shop. Sounds crazy, but check out S Walch's description and the juicy info:

S Walch's Mithril Method

The power value shown for each weapon in the list assumes that your weapon skill is zero, however, in addition to this boost to your power, a weapon also gives additional power increases when your weapon skill is at levels 1, 2 or 3. There are three different classes of weapons and they give different power bonus' at each weapon skill level. From the table below, you can find out how much additional power a weapon adds, in addition to its power value stated in the weapons list, at each weapon skill level.

Weapon Power Bonus'
ClassWeapon Skill Lv1Weapon Skill Lv2Weapon Skill Lv3

Additionally, some weapons give boosts to our magic power. Like with power, these weapons are divided into three classes (if the weapon has a magical class at all that is), and they boost your magic power by a different amount depending on your weapon skill and the weapon's magic class.

Weapon Magic Bonus'
ClassWeapon Skill Lv1Weapon Skill Lv2Weapon Skill Lv3

Since the list is very long, it has been split up over three pages to reduce the size of each page. The links to access the other pages are at the top right and bottom right of the weapons list.

Weapons GuidePage: Anchor-Halberd | Horn-Rod | Shell-Wing 
Anchor (Weapon Class = Axe)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Power Anchor90001~221-C--
Spin Anchor150001~224-B-Counter +15, Skill) Drill Smash
Crash Anchor170001~222-B-Critical +10, Skill) Hammer Throw
Gravity Anchor
Grav Anchor
190001~223-B-Skill) Gestalt
Plasma Anchor210001~227-A-Skill) Soul Grapple
Ankh (Weapon Class = Holy)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Power Ankh20017-CCMagic) Hell Blast
Saint Ankh1600112-CBMagic) Support
Mystery Ankh
Misty Ankh
6400119-BAMagic) Resist
Druid Ankh
Tornado Ankh
8000119-AACounter +20, Skill) Prayer of the Ignorant, Magic) Hell Blast
Silent Ankh
Silence Ankh
11000120-AASkill) Silence of Clergyman,
Magic) Anti-spell
Seraphic Ankh
Blessed Ankh
14000121DemonAACritical +15, Skill) Apostle Descent,
Magic) Support
Element Ankh
Holy Ankh
15000119-AARegen: 4HP a turn, Magic) Aura
Ankh of Mitra
Mitra Ankh
AADark resist +10, Light resist +20,
Magic) Thanatos
Raphael Ankh16000120-AADefence +5, Wind resist +40,
Magic) Zephyrus
Golgoda Ankh15000123-AASkill) Thorn Crown Commandment,
Regen: 5HP a turn, Magic) Resist
Arrow (Weapon Class = Arrow)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Wooden Arrow
Small Bow
Steel Arrow
Short Bow
Robin Arrow
Faerie Bow
45002~317-C-Critical +3
King's Arrow
King's Bow
Arrow of the Moonlight
Moon Bow
170002~323HolyA-Regen: 3HP a turn, Skill) Lunatic, Use for magic) Berserk
Arrow of Dragonbone
Dragon Arrow
210002~324MagicA-Defence +5, Skill) Dragon Snipe
Demon Breaker Arrow
Breaker Bow
240002~325DemonA-Defence +7, Skill) Spell Virus
Kantarera Arrow
Kantar's Bow
260002~323-A-Skill) Poison Arrow, cursed
Sagittarius Arrow280002~330-A-Skill) Star Dust
Axe (Weapon Class = Axe)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Middle Axe
Small Axe
Power Axe600110-C--
Battle Axe2800115-C--
Great Axe8000121-B--
Heat Axe12000122-ACFire resist +10, Use for magic) Blaze Lv2
Giant Axe
Gigantic Axe
15000124-A-Defence +2, Skill) Ragnarok
Dragon Axe
Sharp Axe
18000125MagicACCritical +5, Fire + Ice resist +20
Gaia Axe22000126-A-Defence +2, Agility +5, Regen: 2HP a turn, Skill) Giga Wheel, Use for magic) Aura Lv1
Evil Axe
Sorrow Axe
24000129-A-Dark Resist +20, cursed,
Skill) Death Wheel
Apollon Axe26000132-A-Fire resist +30, Skill) Corona Wheel
Beak (Weapon Class = none)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Pen Beak-10-A-Critical +5, Counter +5
Penko Beak-10-A-Critical +5, Counter +5
Silver Beak60015HolyA-Light resist +10, Dark resist +20,
Skill) Pen Flash
Rainbow Beak777112-A-Skill) Pen Expander
Golden Beak180013DemonA-Critical +5, Counter +5,
Use for magic) random summon spell
Note - The Golden Beak can only be obtained by haggling with the Remotest weapon merchant.
Blade (Weapon Class = Sword)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Iron Blade32017-C--
Battle Blade2500113-C--
Chrome Blade
Steel Blade
Luster Blade12000125-ACSkill) Melt Armour
Rune Blade14000125DemonAASkill) Light Cross
Photon Blade19000127-ABSkill) Light Sphere
Venom Blade15000124-BCDark resist +20, Skill) Venom Edge
Chaos Blade21000128-CALight resist -20, Dark resist +20, cursed, Magic) Chaos Gate
Varion Blade24000133-CALightning resist +20, Skill) Element Flare
Force Blade29000145VandalCALight + Dark resist +30, Skill) Force Edge
Claw (Weapon Class = None)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Iron Claw
Bronze Claw
5013-C-Counter +4
Power Claw
Iron Claw
32016-C-Counter +5
Steel Claw1800110-C-Counter +5
Battle Claw5200115-B-Counter +5
Mithril Claw8800117HolyABCounter +5, Critical +10
Tiger Claw10000118MagicACCounter +5, Critical +5, Skill) Storm Fang
Berserk Claw12000119-ACCounter +20, Use for) Berserk
Jigitari's Claw
Pokey Claw
13000124-A-Counter +5, cursed, Skill) Venom Fang
Gehenna Claw15000126-ABCounter +5, Fire resist +20,
Skill) Wargod Incarnation
Dragonman Claw17000125MagicA-Counter +5, Critical +10,
Skill) Change Dragon
Glove (Weapon Class = None)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Razor Glove
Cloth Glove
6014-C-Counter +4, Critical +4
Power Glove
Iron Glove
75018-C-Counter +4, Critical +5
Thorn Glove
Steel Glove
2800113-B-Counter +4, Critical +5
Spike Glove
Spiked Glove
6000118-ACCounter +4, Critical +20
Muscle Glove7500118-ACCounter +4, Critical +5, Defence +5,
Skill) Phoenix Sky Dance,
Use for magic) Attack Lv1
Spark Glove9000117DemonABCounter +4, Critical +5, Lightning resist +40, Use for magic) Spark Lv2
Magna Glove8000119-ACCounter +4, Critical +10,
Skill) All Creation Blast
Jewelery Glove
Pretty Glove
17000117-ABCounter +4, Critical +5, Agility +5,
Skill) Jewel Palm
Kokyuto's Glove18000125-AACounter +4, Critical +5, Ice resist +30, Skill) Scarlet Sparrow Tumble
Halberd (Weapon Class = Polearm)
NameValueRangePowerPropertyATK UPMagic UPNotesImage
Heavy Halberd2800116-C--
Knight Halberd
Brave Halberd
Holy Halberd
15000124-A-Defence +3, Regen: 3HP a turn
Lord Halberd
Star Halberd
18000125-ACCounter +10, Skill) Lord Rush
Ark Halberd22000126-ACSkill) Lightning, Use for magic) Spark Lv3
Evil Halberd
Dark Halberd
24000129-A-Skill) Death Gate, cursed
Buster Halberd26000132-ACSkill) Gorgon Buster
Weapons GuidePage: Anchor-Halberd | Horn-Rod | Shell-Wing