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Shining Force III Guide
Conditions and Cures

Physical wounds aren't the only perils that face the shining force as they can be afflicted with various conditions, some of which there is no cure to. Listed here are all the conditions that you can be 'given' in the game along with their respective effects and cures. Some conditions, however, are benficial and no cure is applicable.

SleepCharacter falls asleep and skips turns while asleepAntidote Lv2, Fairy Powder
ConfuseCharacter becomes confused and will attack both friends and foe alike at randomAntidote Lv2, Fairy Powder
PoisonEach turn HP is lost due to the poisonAntidote Lv1 + Lv2, Antidote Herb, Fairy Powder
IllusionCharacter becomes less likely to hit enemiesAntidote Lv1 + Lv2, Antidote Herb Fairy Powder
ParalyseCharacter becomes paralysed and will take not be able to attack some turnsAntidote Lv1 + Lv2, Antidote Herb, Fairy Powder
CharmCharacter becomes charmed and will attack both friends and foe alikeAntidote Lv2, Fairy Powder
CurseSome turns the character will be paralysed and the character also loses HP at random turnsCure at church. Chaos Ring nullifies effects
BerserkCharacter's attack power is increased but control of the character is lostNo cure
FrozenCharacter cannot moveNo cure, effects wear off after 1 turn
SlowCharacter's defence and agility is loweredCast support on the character
ResistCharacter's magic resist is increasedn/a
SupportCharacter's defence and agility is increasedn/a