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Shining Force III Guide
Specials Data

Listed here are all the special attacks from all three scenarioes of Shining Force III and their properties.

Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Rocket Punch--Level 1 Special for Ratchet / Robbie
Burst Punch--Level 2 Special for Ratchet / Robbie
Rocket Anchor--Level 1 Special for Turk
Burst Anchor--Level 2 Special for Turk
Nova ShootLight-Level 3 Special
Drill Smash--Obtained from Spin Anchor
Hammer Throw-ThroughObtained from Crash Anchor
Gestalt-ThroughObtained from Gravity Anchor
Soul Grapple-Steals HPObtained from Plasma Anchor
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Brand of SinLight-Level 1 Special
Judgement of GodLight-Level 2 Special
Judgement of ApocalypseLightInstant KillLevel 3 Special
Prayer of the Ignorant-Steals HPObtained from Druid Ankh
Silence of ClergymanLightDispellObtained from Silent Ankh
Apostle DescentLight-Obtained from Seraphic Ankh
Thorn Crown Commandment-SlowObtained from Golgoda Ankh
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Freeze ArrowIce-Level 1 Special
Hypno Arrow-SleepLevel 2 Special
Drain Arrow-Steals HPLevel 3 Special
Lunatic-ConfuseObtained from Arrow of the Moonlight
Dragon SnipeFireParalyseObtained from Arrow of Dragonbone
Spell Virus-DispellObtained from Demonbreaker Arrow
Poison ArrowDarkPoisonObtained from Kantarera Arrow
Star Dust--Obtained from Sagittarius Arrow
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Full Swing--Level 1 Special
Power Wheel--Level 2 Special
Mega Wheel--Level 3 Special
Ragnarok--Obtained from Giant Axe
Giga WheelFire-Obtained from Gaia Axe
Death WheelDark-Obtained from Evil Axe
Corona WheelFire-Obtained from Apollon Axe
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Pen Kick--Level 1 Special
Pen Spit--Level 2 Special
Pen Dynamic--Level 3 Special for Pen
Penko Carnival-ConfuseLevel 3 Special for Penko
Pen VacuumDarkSteals HPLevel 3 Special for Pendolf
Pen Flash-IllusionObtained from Silver Beak
Pen ExpanderLightSteals HPObtained from Rainbow Beak
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Heat BurnerFire-Level 1 Special
Ice BreakerIceFreezeLevel 2 Special
Dimension-Instant KillLevel 3 Special
Melt Armour-SlowObtained from Luster Blade
Light CrossLight-Obtained from Rune Blade
Light SphereLightParalyseObtained from Photon Blade
Blade of PoisonDarkPoisonObtained from Venom Blade
Element FlareLightning-Obtained from Varion Blade
Force EdgeLight-Obtained from Force Blade
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Flying Dragon Claw--Level 1 Special for Monk
Air Claw--Level 2 Special for Monk
Sky Dragon--Level 3 Special for Monk
Wolf Fang--Level 1 Special for Wolfman
Air Fang--Level 2 Special for Wolfman
Wolf Rush--Level 3 Special for Wolfman
Godly Reverse Claw--Level 1 Special for Hermit
Incoming Claw Wave--Level 2 Special for Hermit
All Creation Total See-Through Light--Level 3 Special for Hermit
Dragon Fang--Level 1 Special for Dragonman
Dragon Rush--Level 2 Special for Dragonman
Change DragonFire-Level 3 Special for Dragonman
Storm FangWindSlowObtained from Tiger Claw
Venom Fang-Posion, Instant KillObtained from Jigitari Claw
Wargod IncarnationFire-Obtained from Gehenna Claw
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Earthquake Pound--Level 1 Special for Monk
Falling Heel Foot--Level 2 Special for Monk
Aerial Combo Kick--Level 3 Special for Monk
Corkscrew--Level 1 Special for Wolf/Dragonman
Wild Blow--Level 2 Special for Wolf/Dragonman
Wild Rush--Level 3 Special for Wolf/Dragonman
Phoenix Sky DanceFire-Obtained from Muscle Glove
All Creation ShatterFireConfuseObtained from Magna Glove
Jewel Palm-CharmObtained from Jewelry Glove
Scarlet Sparrow TumbleIceInstant KillObtained from Kokyuto's Glove
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
TornadoWind-Level 1 Special
Cross Break--Level 2 Special
Aerial--Level 3 Special for Knight
Dead Drive-Instant KillLevel 3 Special for Commander
Lord RushFire-Obtained from Lord Halberd
LightningLightningParalyseObtained from Ark Halberd
Death Gate-Instant KillObtained from Evil Halberd
Gorgon Buster-Instant KillObtained from Buster Halberd
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Uni Charge--Level 1 Special
Unicorn RayLight-Level 2 Special
Uni Stampede--Level 3 Special
Change VirgoWindConfuseObtained from promotion
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Dance of Butterflies-SleepLevel 1 Special for Ninja
Izuna Fall-ConfuseLevel 2 Special for Ninja
Fine Dust MistFire-Level 3 Special for Ninja
Crescent Moon--Level 1 Special for Samurai
Full Moon Blade--Level 2 Special for Samurai
Instant Kill-Instant KillLevel 3 Special for Samurai
Secret Skill - KamaitachiWind-Obtained from Windcutter Katana
Secret Skill - Ghoul CentipedeFirePoisonObtained from Bone Eater Katana
Secret Skill - Marine MonsterIceDispellObtained from Rumbling Sea Katana
Yellow Spring Road-Instant KillObtained from Muramasa
Destruction-Instant KillObtained from Kusanagi
Frost BladeIce-Obtained from Masamune
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Shadow Edge-IllusionLevel 1 Special
Twin Slash--Level 2 Special
Laser Edge--Level 3 Special
Rainbow Edge-IllusionObtained from Butterfly Knife
Silent Kill-Instant KillObtained from Assassin Knife
Blood SuckerDarkSteals HPObtained from Reaper Knife
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Hundred Step Double Palm--Level 1 Special for Monk
Heavenly Thunderfall--Level 2 Special for Monk
Conqueror's Batter--Level 3 Special for Monk
Soul Smash--Level 1 Special for Wolf/Dragonman
Spark SoulLightning-Level 2 Special for Wolf/Dragonman
Machinegun Soul--Level 3 Special for Wolf/Dragonman
Budhha's Palm Mirage-IllusionObtained from Mist Knuckle
Back Step Blinding Fist-ParalyseObtained from Wire Knuckle
Yellow Dragon WaveWind-Obtained from Aura Knuckle
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Lance Charge--Level 1 Special
Double Charge--Level 2 Special for Knight
Mega Charge--Level 3 Special for Knight
Bee Strike--Level 2 Special for Pegasus Knight
Queen Bee--Level 3 Special for Pegasus Knight
Dragon BreathFire-Obtained from Dragon Lance
Death Charge-Instant KillObtained from Gungnir
Mega Reap--Obtained from Bozon Lance
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Power Crash-SlowLevel 1 Special
Stun Bomb-ParalyseLevel 2 Special
Earthquake-ConfuseLevel 3 Special
ThunderstormLightning-Obtained from Thor Hammer
Pressure Bomb-Instant KillObtained from Masculine Mace
Geo Spark-IllusionObtained from Geo Hammer
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Double Shot--Level 1 Special
Snipe Shot--Level 2 Special
Vulcan Shot--Level 3 Special
Saint FlameLight-Obtained from Flame Quarrel
Hell's WindDark-Obtained from Sonic Quarrel
Prism RayLight-Obtained from Doppler Quarrel
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Triangle--Level 1 Special for Soldier/Commander
Pentegram--Level 2 Special for Soldier/Commander
Centurion-Instant KillLevel 3 Special for Soldier/Commander
Power Feint--Level 1 Special for Birdman
Duo Feint--Level 2 Special for Birdman
Danse Macabre-Instant KillLevel 3 Special for Birdman
Mist Feint-IllusionObtained from Mist Rapier
Rune Magic-DispellObtained from Magic Rapier
Alchemy-ParalyseObtained from Shine Rapier
Das Ende-Instant KillObtained from Final Rapier
Helical Spin--Obtained from Nebula Rapier
Absolute ZeroIceInstant KillObtained from Ark Rapier
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Double Blow--Level 1 Special
Stun Blow-ParalyseLevel 2 Special
Panic Blow-ConfuseLevel 3 Special
Nine GateLightIllusionObtained from Maze Rod
Meta DreamDarkSleepObtained from Milky Rod
Change Gold-Freeze, Instant KillObtained from Alchemy Rod
Demon BreathDark-Obtained from Demon Rod
Lured Heaven--Obtained from Rod of Wail
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Flash Shell-IllusionLevel 1 Special for Archer
Armour Shell-ThroughLevel 2 Special for Archer
Plasma ShellLightIllusionLevel 1 Special for Robbie
Leprecannon--Level 2 Special for Turk
ExplodeFireThroughLevel 3 Special
Desert StormWindConfuseObtained from Storm Shot
Planet Dance--Obtained from Meteo Shot
Muzzle Blast--Obtained from Hot Rod Shell
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Shadow Sewing-ParalyseLevel 1 Special
Dark Raven-IllusionLevel 2 Special
Ghoul Sending-ConfuseLevel 3 Special
Thunder ArrayLightningParalyseObtained from Purple Thunder Shuriken
Utter Chaos-ConfuseObtained from All Directions Shuriken
Wind Demon Shuriken-Instant KillObtained from Wind Demon Shuriken
Dark Demon ShurikenFire-Obtained from Dark Demon Shuriken
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Side Winder--Level 1 Special
Energy Fall--Level 2 Special
Thunder FallLightningParalyseLevel 3 Special
Light GeyserIceFreezeObtained from Lancelot Spear
Salamander ThrowFire-Obtained from Mercurius Spear
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Sonic Wave--Level 1 Special for Soldier/Commander
Twin Wave--Level 2 Special for Soldier/Commander
Mirage Dance--Level 3 Special for Soldier/Commander
Power Slash--Level 1 Special for Birdman
Sky High--Level 2 Special for Birdman
Eagle Dive--Level 3 Special for Birdman
Thunder ShockLightningParalyseObtained from Sword of Shiva
Heat WaveFire-Obtained from Leviathan
Soul EaterDarkSteals HPObtained from Darkside Sword
Shine EdgeLight-Obtained from Justice Sword
Gold Rush-Instant KillObtained from Sword of Lord
Mirage Round--Obtained from Shining Sword
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Tail's Bomb--Level 1 Special
Breath Geyser--Level 2 Special
Gigaton Press-Instant KillLevel 3 Special
Thunder BreathLightning-Obtained from promotion
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Power Throw--Level 1 Special
Boomerang Throw--Level 2 Special
VortexFire-Level 3 Special
Fatal Strike-Instant KillObtained from Killer Tomahawk
Heat CyclonFire-Obtained from Flame Tomahawk
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Soul Shoot--Level 1 Special
Fairy Soul--Level 2 Special
Soul Blast-Steals HPLevel 3 Special
Fetamorgana-ConfuseObtained from Fool Wand
Lyanan Shii-CharmObtained from Charm Wand
Tachion Shoot-IllusionObtained from Eternal Wand
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Maniac Beat--Level 1 Special
Mad Spin-IllusionLevel 2 Special
Merry-go-round-ConfuseLevel 3 Special
Slave Dance-CharmObtained from Queen Whip
Balloon Bomb-Instant KillObtained from Ignorant Whip
Beast Bash--Obtained from Silk Whip
Skill NameElementEffectsNotes
Twister--Level 1 Special
XYZ--Level 2 Special
Bloody Spin-Steals HPLevel 3 Special
Hyper Boom-SlowObtained from Sonic Wing
Hell DiveFireConfuseObtained from Cosmo Wing
Count ZeroFireInstant KillObtained from Zero Wing
Metal Jacket--Obtained from Full Metal Wing