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Shining Force III Guide

As your characters fight battles with each other and team up to defeat enemies, their friendship levels will be boosted, allowing them to lend each other support in the heat of battle. Different characters lend different types of support and some can even lend 2 types of support (double friendship) with the strength of the support increasing as your friendship levels increase. Friendship support is a valuable and powerful asset to have in battle and can make the difference between winning and losing.

How are friendships gained?

When two characters help each other in defeating an enemy or if a character heals other characters then their friendship levels increase and eventually they will become partners in battle. With each level of friendship the support that characters give each other increases in strength. the levels of friendship are as follows:

Ally: Character recieves no support (default level)
Partner: 1st level of support
Friend: 2nd level of support
Trusted: 3rd level of support
Soulmate: 4th level of support

Characters start giving and lending support once they become partners and gradually the strength of support increases with the friendship levels. When characters are partners, friends and trusted they can benefit from the support by standing next to the character they are recieving support from. Once two characters are soulmated then they can recieve support when standing 1 square away from the character or when standing diagonally next to them.

What types of support are there?

There are 9 different types of support in the game, each benefitting your characters in different ways.

Types of support
Increases attack powerIncreases defence power
MagicMagic Resist
Increases magic powerIncreases magic resistance for all elements
Increases criticalIncreases counter
Increases luckIncreases evade
Decreases enemy critical and counter