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Shining Force III Walkthrough - Scenario 1 -

Bird BattlerScenario 3
Initial Stats
Initial Equipment
FoilHealing Drop
Equippable Weapons
Wing, Sword, Rapier
Magic Resistance
BP = Before Promotion|AP= After Promotion
Friendship Support - Evade

Fynnding - Tactics

General Tactics

Fynnding joins the force right at the end of the game and doesn't really have much time to increase his levels of power. He must fight as the leader of the secondary force in the last battle so make sure he is well equipped none-the-less. Although you won't get much use out of Fynnding in scenario 1, don't abandon him, as you'll be able to use him in your main force in scenario 3 and the premium disc.

Magic and Magic Resistance

Fynnding doesn't know any magic unfortunately and his magic resistance is poor, especially against wind magic, so keep him away from those Tornado spells.

Weapons and Equipment

Fynnding comes readily equipped with his weapon of choice, the rapier, which he has mastered. Since all the birdman weapons are sword classes there's not much point equipping him with swords or wings since he's at level 3 with rapiers already. The Shiny Rapier is the best rapier for Fynnding to equip, especially since he can't benefit from the MP restoring abilities of the Magic Rapier (the proper name for the Mist Rapier).

If you intend to win the dam battle the easy way (by performing danse macabre on the gigabreaker) then equip Fynnding with the Master Ring as it raises his critical, as well as his counter, by 10.