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Shining Force III Walkthrough - Scenario 1 -

WizardScenario 3

 Soul Steal
Magic learning chart:
Wizard Class
Level 1 - Freeze Lv2
Level 2 - Spark Lv1
Level 7 - Spark Lv2
Level 10 - Freeze Lv3
Level 13 - Soul Steal Lv1
Level 16 - Freeze Lv4
Level 20 - Soul Steal Lv2
Initial Stats
Initial Equipment
Small WandMedical Herb
Equippable Weapons
Rod, Wand, Ankh
Magic Resistance
BP = Before Promotion|AP= After Promotion
Friendship Support - Magic

Noon - Tactics

General Tactics

Noon's a wizardry fellow so he has bad attack and defence ratings but powerful magic to back him up as well as high agility and great luck. Make sure to keep Noon away from the physical combat so he doesn't get killed and build up his friendship levels with Masqurin so that his magic can be given even more of a boost. Drain all his MP by the end of each battle to get the most experience you can for him

Magic and Magic Resistance

Noon specialises in ice and dark magic - all attack spells. His Freeze spell is very powerful, only matched in scenario 3 by Marky and surpassed only by Arthur (although Arthur can only learn Freeze up to level 3). Naturally, Freeze will take up the bulk of his MP in magical attacks against the enemy but his other two spells are quite good too. Unfortunately Noon can only learn Spark up to level 2 and he is simply terrible with lightning magic so his Spark spells are horribly underpowered compared with Masqurin's. However, utilise the friendship between him and Masqurin (and later try to develop them with the ninjas) and Noon will be able to put more power into his Spark, delivering wide area damage. His final spell, Soul Steal, is awful at level 1 since it only targets one enemy, however, at level 2 (and with a high luck value) it can cause mass destruction. Whenever you see a group of enemies bunched together bring out the Soul Steal level 2 on them, generally when there's 4 or 5 targets Soul Steal will kill about 2 or 3 of them outright, but if they have low luck values and Noon has a high luck value the chances of killing enemies outright are increased. Unfortunately, enemies with luck 9 (and above) can't be killed outright by Soul Steal.

Noon's magic resistance is very good, naturally, considering he's a magician.

Weapons and Equipment

Noon has plenty of attack magic already so any weapon you equip him with that gives him an attack spell is a bit of a waste. Personally, I like to give him the Holy Ankh as, although Noon is bad with light magic, it gives the force a second Aura user and his magic can always be increased with Masqurin's friendship. Alternatively, the Witch Wand is a good weapon to equip him with as it raises luck by 2 (increasing the power of Soul Steal) and gives him the Attack spell so he can increase the attack values of other members of the force.

Luck raising accessories are my personal favourite for Noon so the Apollo Pin - although its attack bonus is pretty useless considering Noon's fighting prowess - is a good accessory to equip.