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Shining Force III Walkthrough - Scenario 1 -

BattlerWarriorScenario 3
Initial Stats
Initial Equipment
Small AxeMedical Herb
Equippable Weapons
Axe, Mace, Hand Axe
Magic Resistance
BP = Before Promotion|AP= After Promotion
Friendship Support - Defence

Obright - Tactics

General Tactics

Obright specialises in brute strength over agility on the battlefield. He's one of the first characters to join the force and has more time to build up friendship levels with the other characters, making him much better than fellow warrior Horst. Although Obright has low agility he is still a fast character as he has a speed of 6. Use a Lucky Cookie on Obright to raise his luck and build up his friendship levels with characters who will benefit greatly from his defence support and who will offer useful support to him too.

Magic and Magic Resistance

Obright has no magic and very poor magic resistance, don't keep him around enemy magicians when he's low on HP and use a resist spell to sort out that magic resistance when needed.

Weapons and Equipment

Out of the three weapon types Obright can equip, axes are the strongest as the mithril axes offer better bonuses than the maces and hand axes are much weaker. Although the hand axes are weaker, train Obright up with them as without magic he lacks a ranged attack. The Arrow Axe has a range of 1~3 which, when added to his speed, give Obright a range of 9.

Obright has poor agility and luck so the best accessories to equip him would deal with increasing those statistics somehow. The Swift Boots are decent to raise his agility a little but in all honesty agility isn't all that important and it is better to have the agility's of your team spread out rather than have all your force with high agility's - that way if you're fighting a group of enemies with low agility's they can gang up on you and kill someone before you have a chance to heal. The Apollo Pin, although hard to get from the blacksmith is a great accessory to equip as it will boost Obright's luck as well as attack and critical. The Master Ring is another good accessory to equip - especially if you don't have the patience to get an Apollo Pin - for its critical and counter boosting abilities.