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Shining Force III Walkthrough - Scenario 1 -

Penguin?Flare PenguinScenario 3
Initial Stats
Initial Equipment
Penn BeakMedical Herb
Equippable Weapons
Magic Resistance
BP = Before Promotion|AP= After Promotion
Friendship Support - Evade
Friendship Support - Luck

Penn - Tactics

General Tactics

Penn joins the force in chapter 4. . . at level 1 unpromoted. As your other characters will probably already be promoted by this time Penn is hideously weak in comparison to the rest of your force. However, Penn has the highest attack value in scenario 1 provided you spend some time to train him up to match the levels of the rest of your force. Although he has a high natural attack value, Penn's inability to equip any extra weapons other than his beak make him suffer in the attack department and he doesn't have any magic to make up for it. Although Penn has the highest attack value in scenario 1, without any weapons or magic he doesn't really stand out amongst the characters of the force stat wise. However, his friendship support is very handy since he gets both luck and evade bonuses. Once he's promoted, use the Ibiru Ring to build up his friendships and Penn can be very useful in battle, especially in scenario 3 when he will be able to equip other beaks.

Magic and Magic Resistance

Penn has no magic but impressive resistance to light and fire (once promoted). Unfortunately, he isn't strong at all against other types of magic.

Weapons and Equipment

Penn can only equip the Penn Beak in scenario 1.

As Penn can't equip any special weapons an accessory to raise his attack instead of a weapon should be equipped such as the Apollo Pin or Attack Ring.