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Shining Force III Walkthrough - Scenario 1 -

SoldierSwordsmanscenario 3

Magic learning chart:
Soldier Class
Level 1 - Return Lv1
Swordsman Class
Level 2 - Spark Lv1
Level 8 - Spark Lv2
Level 14 - Spark Lv3
Level 20 - Spark Lv4
Apostle of Light class (scenario 3 only)
Level 2 - Inferno Lv1
Level 8 - Inferno Lv2
Initial Stats
Initial Equipment
Steel SwordMedical Herb
Antidote Herb
Equippable Weapons
Knife, Sword, Rapier, Blade
Magic Resistance
BP = Before Promotion|AP= After Promotion
Friendship Support - Attack

Synbios - Tactics

General Tactics

Synbios is the leader of scenario 1's shining force and, as the general, if he gets killed in combat then the battle is lost. As such, be careful when using Synbios and don't take any unnecessary risks that could see him killed. However, Synbios is one of, if not the most, powerful characters in the force. His HP and attack, though relatively low at the start of the game, are some of the highest in scenario 1 and on top of this he has a high agility statistic and a movement of 6 which means he can get around the battlefield with speed. Keep Synbios away from lance, halberd and spear wielding enemies as these weapons are all strong against Synbios' choice of weapons.

Magic and Magic Resistance

Synbios is the only member of the force who has the Return spell, costing 8MP it will return the entire force to the last church - useful for escaping from any tricky situations. Until he is promoted to the Swordsman class, Synbios won't learn any magic but, as the chart shows, he aquires the Spark spell up until level 20 promoted when he masters it completely. Spark is certainly one of the most powerful attack spells in the game; it is at its best when cast at level 2 or 3 as the spell affects a large area, causing mass destruction. Sadly, at level 4 the spell is a waste as the high MP cost doesn't justify the damage that can only be dealt to one character, whereas Spark 3, at the same cost in MP, will deal more damage over its wide spread of targets. If you build up a friendship with Masqurin from the start of the game, by the time Spark 3 is learnt they should have a trusted or soulmate friendship, which will greatly enhance Synbios' magic power, making this spell even more destructive. Additional magic bonus' will come about if you get friendships with either of the two ninjas of the force, however their late joining of the force means that the highest levels of friendship are much more difficult to gain. In scenario 3, once promoted to his final class, Synbios will learn the Inferno spell which, although costly, is capable of even more destruction than Spark.

Synbios' magic resistance is virtually non-existent before his promotion, the only resistance he has being that to light magic. Once promoted though, his magic resistance is fair against all elements of magic - being most resistant to Light magic - but his dark resist is still 0, so take care around those soul steal users.

Weapons and Equipment

For many reasons, in scenario 1 the sword is Synbios' strongest weapon. It is the weapon he starts the game with and there are three battles before he can buy a rapier - even more before he can get a blade - so he has the most time to gain experience with the weapon. The strongest swords are available in scenario 1 (discounting the Sword of Lord and the Shining Sword) whereas the strongest rapiers and blades are not. Although the Justice Sword - attainable upon completing the Hero's Test - gives a higher boost to the attack statistic, the Phoenix Sword is by far Synbios' most useful weapon. The Phoenix sword not only gives Synbios command of the Phoenix summon spell (which can do plenty of damage when targeted against one enemy and has a great range) but it boosts his fire, lightning and wind magic resistance each by 30! Gain experience also with the knife as it provides Synbios with a ranged weapon as well as a close combat hard-hitter, which will come in handy when he just can't quite reach the enemy and magic isn't a preferable choice of attack.

Synbios' attack should already be quite high but his defence is probably the weakest aspect of his statistics (though far from being poor). Therefore, as he is the leader and his death means defeat, the best accessories to equip him with would be those that raise defence. The White Ring, Life Ring and are the best defensive accessories to equip him with as the White Ring raises defence by a massive 10 while the Life Ring, although it only boosts defence by 4, regenerates 2 HP a turn. If you feel Synbios' defence needs strengthening then either of these accessories are great to equip him with. The Apollo Pin is a good accessory to equip otherwise, as it boosts attack, luck and critical making Synbios even stronger - and much more resistant to Soul Steal attacks.