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Battle Guide

Special Battle

There are 9 special battle arenas - each with different opponents from various Shining games - for you to fight your way through. The battles are a real fun and interesting addition to the Premium Disc but they progress in difficulty so things can get a bit hairy at times. That's where this page comes in; check it out the relieve your battling woes!


So long as you have a Shining Force III save data file (English or Japanese alike) on your Saturn's memory or cartridge memory you can enter the battle arena. Yes, you can even try it with level 1 Synbios, Dantares, Masqurin and Grace from the opening of scenario 1 - you won't get very far though. To stand a chance at completing all the special battles you'll need your party to be at least level 15 before you start, and make sure they're well equipped (check the party tips section for more advice on this). Be aware that you can't resurrect characters in between battles nor can you replenish your inventory. You will however have your HP and MP levels restored at the beginning of each arena.

Battle Arenas

Alright then, wielding your sword and mithril-imbued armour? Good. Here are the battle arenas:

Battle #1 - The Octopus
Battle 1 Key
= Octopus
= Tentacle Leg
= Tentacle Arm
l= Force Member
Tentacle Leg
x 6
4502418184-Critical HitFairy Powder
Tentacle Arm
x 2
5202818146-Critical HitHealing Drop
15003020108-Bubble Breath,
Black Breath
Freeze Ball

The first arena in the battle mode is a real cinch and you should have no problem winning the battle. If for some reason you can't beat this one though then you either need to level up your characters (use a scenario 3 complete file!) or leave this mode alone, because you're terrible at it.
Battle #2 - The Three Yasha
Battle 2 Key
= Yasha A
= Yasha B
= High Ninja
= High Ninja (spawns)
l= Force Member
High Ninja
x 6
70428452365Freeze 3,
Confuse 1
Critical HitHealing Drop
Yasha A
240857347329Spark 3Dance of Butterflies,
Izuna Fall,
Fairy Powder
Yasha B
x 2
460858858389Kehhyo-doDance of Butterflies,
Izuna Fall,
Fairy Powder

The first semblance of a challenge! This is the first battle that will test you to see if your levels and skills are up to scratch.

When approaching the High Ninjas, avoid bunching up otherwise you'll be facing some icy area of effect magic damage. Once you've dispatched of the Ninjas, press on to Yasha and unleash as many wide range magic spells (such as Spark and Inferno) on them before they move out of their positions. Two more ninjas will spawn at the back of the arena to ambush you, but these guys die easily so they shouldn't be a problem. Be aware that Yasha's Kehhyo-do spell can and will freeze your characters to the ground so be careful when positioning your melee troops so they don't get locked out of the action.
Battle #3 - The Rainbloods
Battle 3 Key
= Bishop
= Pawn
= Rook
= Knight
= King
= Queen
l= Force Member
Bishop240806848389Hell Blast 3,
Thanatos 1,
Confuse 2
Pawn26007254289-Side Winder,
Thunder Fall
Fairy Powder
Rook36008657299-Full Swing,
Fairy Powder
Knight500709060409Blaze 4-Fairy Powder
King600094621049-Thunder Shock,
Photon Rage,
Queen280908457349Blaze 3Power Crash,
Stun Bomb
Fairy Powder

This arena is why I call the first half of the special battles the disco inferno (I don't really, I just made that up). This is because you can do insane amounts of damage with area effect spells before your enemies even get a chance to move, and this arena is the ultimate representation of that noble dream.

Make sure your spell wielding characters are within good distance of the Rainbloods so that on their next turn they'll be able to swoop in and cast some serious magic on them. If they're out of reach by a square or two, then move them forward by that amount and wait till the next turn to attack. With your heroes and magicians, you should be able to let off 3 Infernos and maybe 2 Sparks before the Rainbloods get a turn, doing in excess of 200 damage to each enemy- if you're lucky you'll have been able to pick off the weaker ones. Mop the rest of the Rainbloods up with some physical and magical aggression.

If you don't quite have the fire power to pull that off then remember to keep your party close together and don't let the Rainbloods pick on one vunerable character and gang on him. Follow this attack plan and you should be quite fine (so long as you have good enough levels thus far).
Battle #4 - The Four of Bulzome
Battle 4 Key
= Fiale
= Basanda
= Dessheren
= Goriate
l= Force Member
Fiale390909062439Wendigo 2,
Spark 3
-Fairy Powder
Basanda4001209462499Thanatos 2,
Blaze 3
-Goddess Tears
Dessheren430909664459Freeze 3,
Phoenix 2,
Proserpina 2
CounterPower Undies
Goriate480909965479Go Riki Toppuu 2Blade Fan Air WaveLoincloth

Approach these four carefully as they possess some strong magic. Since it's tricky to lure them out of their niche, split your force into two and take them on from both sides. Their magic poses two problems; on one hand if you don't bunch your characters together they'll take lots of individual damage from summon spells; on the other hand if you do cluster them up then you're going to take plenty of area effect magic damage. My advice is to use the Aura spell liberally, keeping a healer with both halves of your force, while throwing everything you've got against those villains.
Battle #5 - Bulzome
Battle 5 Key
= Bulzome
= High Priest A
= High Priest B
l= Force Member
2400010067389-Negative Flash, Demon BreathBrave Apple
High Priest A6001108858429Inferno 1,
Aura 3
-Goddess Tears
High Priest B8001208858449Inferno 1,
Aura 3
-Goddess Tears

Bulzome is the beginning of the second half of the special battles - from here on out you'll be battling a huge boss with plenty of HP at the end of the arena, often along with a few cronies. Your aim in this battle is to lure the High Priests away from Bulzome's lurking place so you can dispatch of them without incurring the purple one's wrath at the same time. The only problem the High Priests pose is in their inferno spells, but with some healing power under your belt there's little cause for concern. Once the Priests are through with, slay Bulzome the same way you did in scenario 3 - remember that he takes two turns each round and regenerates 30HP each turn.
Battle #6 - Dark Dragon
Battle 6 Key
= Dark Dragon A
= Dark Dragon B
= Dark Dragon C
l= Force Member
Dark Dragon A120010010266448Blaze 3,
Hell Blast 3
Dark Dragon B120012010266408Freeze 3,
Spark 3
Dark Dragon C2000010666369-Demon Breath,
Thunder Breath
Healing Rain

This arena is probably one of the easiest 'big boss' battles and even one of the easiest of all the battles. All you have to do is split your force into two and attack the side heads (or take them on one at a time if you must) because you can kill them without bothering the centre head at all. The two side heads have a variety of magic spells with extended range, but they are quite weak and won't cause you much hassle. Once those two are out of the way, just mop up the last head with the whole of your force.
Battle #7 - Iom
Battle 7 Key
= Iom Boss
= Iom A
= Iom B
l= Force Member
Iom A1200011065448-Demon Breath,
Silent Gaze
Lucky Cookie
Iom B1500011065428-Demon Breath,
Dazzle Gaze
Lucky Cookie
3000011068389-Demon Breath,
Iom Beam
Healing Rain

Iom is a pretty tricky customer, all three units have the Demon Breath attack which is a strong ability and can cause a lot of damage if you're not careful by letting them all attack you at the same time.

The battle plan should be to kill each one separately so they don't have the potential to inflict serious damage on your force. Taking out the first Iom is a simple task as he's already isolated from the other two, but you'll need to use a flying character over the water to lure the second one away from the big guy. Without any support from the other two, the last Iom will fall effortlessly.
Battle #8 - Zeon
Battle 8 Key
= Zeon
l= Force Member
Zeon5000011570459-Chaos Cauldron,
Poison Blow,
Regret Hit
Hope Light

If your characters don't all have really high luck (8-9) then this battle will probably be your toughest fight of the Premium Disc.

First off, feed the two Lucky Cookies you obtained in the last battle to your force (choose characters whose luck you can boost to 8 or 9 - preferably the heroes). Zeon doesn't have any cronies so you just have to make your way to the other end of the arena and battle him. Zeon takes two turns each round like Bulzome and regenerates 30HP each turn so he'll be absorbing 60HP of your attacks each round.

You're going to need a lot of healing for this fight as well as some antidotes because Zeon knows how to dish out serious damage. His most deadly attack is Poison Blow because it will poison your characters (unless their luck is high), dealing about 30 damage to them each round - nasty! Chaos Cauldron is a no-MP Chaos Gate attack and since Zeon can attack twice it has the ability to do plenty of damage to you. If someone gets attacked with Zeon's Regret Hit you must heal them immediately or risk losing them (either to Zeon's next attack or to poison).

Zeon will take a long time to beat down because of his high HP and regeneration but keep throwing all your weight at him while sustaining your own HP levels. If you don't have the antidote power to keep your force poison free then you'll just have to use Heal and Aura magic to overcome the poison damage. Good luck and don't be afraid to use some of your mega items like Healing Rains if you have to.
Battle #9 - Darksol
Battle 9 Key
= Darksol
l= Force Member
Darksol700025012070529Spark 4,
Confuse 3
Chaos Cauldron,
Blizzard Breath

This is it, the final battle, and you're pitted against the villain with the coolest name ever - Darksol. Unfortunately for him, he looks like an overgrown ant but what he lacks in appearance he more than makes up for in power. With a hefty 7000HP and some powerful magic and abilities, this battle is going to take . . . a really long time to win.

First off, know that Darksol takes two turns each round and regenerates not only 30HP but 10MP each turn, meaning he'll never run out of magic wielding ability. With his powerful magic and abilities he can dish out some serious damage, but the spell you should be wary of is Confuse! It can cause confusion and illusion on your characters and has a wide area of effect. If the spell confuses one your big hitters then cure him with Antidote 2 or a Fairy Powder immediately - otherwise just wait for the spell's effects to wear off.

It's going to take a lot of perseverance to kill Darksol but if you've managed to retain some of your best items (and you'll have a Hope Light from defeating Zeon) then you'll be able to make it out alive. Enjoy the credits!