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Shining Force III Guide - Premium Disc -
Party Tips

Character Selection

In the Premium Disc you can choose up to 12 characters to battle through the 9 arenas with. Since you can't change characters at any point during the battles, nor can you ressurect fallen party members, if you want success then you'd better make a good selection. There are a few rules to character selection in the Premium Disc however:
  • Synbios must always be a member of your party.
  • You can only choose characters that have joined the force in the save file you select from.
The second rule determines that you can't use characters you didn't, or couldn't, get to join you so there's no chance for you to unite Edmund and Produn in the same party or to re-unite Garosh and Jade. The synchronicity system stands in the way of being able to choose from all the characters, unfortunately.


If you used a scenario 3 'complete' data to load the battles and you saved Jane using Gracia's Blessing spell in the final battle, you can choose her to be on the force. Great, huh?

Starting Stats

Jane comes equipped with an Earth Wand and Princess Circle which give her the ability to use the summon Thor spell and to regenerate 2 MP every turn. As well as the Thor spell from the Earth Wand, Jane can also use Aura and Inferno magic. Jane isn't a spectacular character, she starts at a fixed level 14, so it's likely that she'll be much weaker than the rest of the party, and her spell selection isn't all that useful. There are already plenty of characters to choose from who have the Aura spell, and Jane's only comes at level 3 until you level her up. Additionally, there's little point in having two powerful attack spells that require plenty of MP since they both offer pretty much the same thing (except Inferno has a wider area). Both these spells sap Jane's mana, meaning less casts of Aura which is her most useful spell. Jane's a great character to have as novelty, but she's not a great fighter.

Equipment and Items

The items and equipment you can use in the Premium Disc are the same ones that the characters you chose were holding onto in the scenario 3 save data. You can't stock up again half way through the battles so be wise and select your items carefully beforehand.

In case you've suffered a memory lapse between scenario 3 and the premium disc, each character in the game can hold up to 6 items, that is 2 pieces of equipment (1 weapon, 1 accessory) and 4 inventory items such as healing herbs and magical potions. Since your characters can only hold a limited amount of delicious inventory items you should bring along only the best (and maybe the second best if just the best isn't enough). Bring along all your Healing Rains and Lights of Hope - don't worry, you'll still retain the items in scenario 3 even if you use them in the Premium Disc - and stock your warriors up with Potions and Healing Drops. Make sure every character has a useful accessory and, if necessary, take a secondary projectile weapon instead of another Healing Drop. If you don't think you'll have enough magic power to keep your team clean with the antidote spell when you're up against Zeon then bring a couple of Fairy Powders too. There's not really a lot to item selection, just pump your party up with goodies.

Recommended Teams

If you're really lost at sea and don't know who to keep with you on the perilous raft of bonus battles, here are a few pre-selected teams to help you on your way.

If you have a party selection you'd like to submit, send them to this address, but remember to include a description of why you chose that team - description-less teams won't get published here. Justifications such as "I chose Isabella because she's sooo hot in that final promotion outfit" won't be accepted. I shall now play the unfathomably bitter and headstrong webmaster card and tell you that you can figure out why for yourself.

SoftBank Artbook's Premium Disc Team
To be honest, I don't really understand this team. Apart from the three heroes and Thousand, every party member is a spellcaster - that's two thirds of the force. I guess the general premise to the force is to keep the heroes up front, getting physical with the bosses while the rest of the party blasts them with magic and Thousand flies around and tickles their back.

Three Aura-wielding healers is one too many in my opinion - you only ever need two, or just the one if you have very high levels. An over-reliance on magic will spell trouble for this force when it runs out of MP, so unless you have lots of Hope Lights and Goddess Tears you're going to lose a lot of firepower once that mana dries up.

I don't particularly see the merits in this selection, but it would be an interesting team to fight the battles with.

Shinsachiel's Premium Disc Team
This isn't a highly evolved team but I do have some good reasons for my selection.

First up there's the standard Jumesyn section - since they have the highest attack values they go right up next to the big bosses and dish out the damage. Behind the big three I have Masqurin, Syntesis and Produn, with each behind their respective scenario partner. This second line casts Blaze, and Blaze only (since the bosses have stacks of health, Blazing is a better choice than Spark as it will deal more damage using the same MP over the same time period) - once Produn runs out of magic I'll use his Mercurius Spear to attack. These three also lend friendship bonus' to the front line - Attack for Julian, and Magic for the other two should they want to cast some.

Grace and Gracia provide the Aura healing and Primula hovers behind the force, casting Heal level 3 when necessary and keeping the front three (and Produn) pumped up with her Attack spell. Hayward provides some solid, reliable ranged damage while Honesty and Thousand can attack the bosses from the side, while Primula or Masqurin, pausing her Blazing, can cast Attack on them occaisionally.