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This site is listed as a 5 Star Shining Force Site in the Shining Force Central directory
On this page you can find artwork and fiction by fans of Shining Force III.

If you want to submit any fanwork to the site, please feel free to do so. Submit them to this address and include the following details:

  • The name of your story/picture.
  • The alias you wish to be referred to as.
  • Your e-mail address and whether you want it displayed or not.
  • If you have a homepage and want a link to be displayed then send the URL too.
  • Any comments about your work
Note that if you send an image that is too large it will have to be resized to lower the filesize; it would help a lot if you could make sure the file size is below 200K before sending it.

Works are arranged alphabetically first by name (author/artist) and then by title.
Fanfic NameAuthorNotes
CinderMedionArashiHumour, SynbiosxMedion coupling.
Mizu KagamiArashiAngst, Synbios POV.
The DescentCasenorCrossover with "The Godfather".
FukanzenGalmAngst, poem about Gracia.
Sadame no HoshiGalmMajor scenario 2 spoilers! Angst, Tybalt POV
Tears Perchance for BloodGalmAngst, Benetram POV.
Things the Cast of SF3 Would Never SayGalmHumour.
Allies at SarabandLenaHumour.
One Day at HQLenaHumour.
Honesty Honesty
Artist: Athrades

Comments: Cell-style pic of Honesty holding the dragon lance done in photoshop. It took a REALLY long time to colour this one but I'm pleased with how it came out.

Synbios & Phoenix Synbios & Phoenix
Artist: Athrades

Comments: Synbios with Phoenix in the background. Done in Photoshop.

Waltz Sketch Waltz Sketch
Artist: Athrades

Comments: none.

Spiriel Spiriel
Artist: Richter

Comments: Pen-only drawing of Spiriel, if you look closely you can still see a very of the placement lines. The others were drawn light enough for me too use yet not be able to be picked up by a scanner. Email for permission if wanting to use.

Premium Disc Custom CD Cover Premium Disc Custom CD Cover
Artist: Silender

Comments: none.

Scenario 2 Custom CD Cover Scenario 2 Custom CD Cover
Artist: Silender

Comments: none.

Scenario 3 Custom CD Cover Scenario 3 Custom CD Cover
Artist: Silender

Comments: none.

Irene Irene
Artist: Steelflight

Comments: none.

Prince Medion Prince Medion
Artist: Steelflight

Comments: My first attempt at drawing Medion.

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